[Rhapsody's Latin Tango × ALLIANCE MISS VIRGINIA]

Year Foaled 2015
Gender Stallion
Color Black
Sire: Rhapsody's Latin Tango
Dam: Alliance Miss Virginia
AMHR: #332190T
AMHA: #A223411

Foaled on 04/18/2015  AMHA/AMHR   solid black bay stallion  measures 33"

"Presidente" is our junior stallion. He is a beautifully correct stallion sired by  "Tango" a much-decorated show horse and a Grand Champion producer. His dam is a World Champion and a consistent producer of show quality horses. We are very excited to see what Presidente will produce for us in the near future

I regret having to offer this stallion for sale. I like so many things about him and will miss him but I am experiencing a stallion over load. He is very baanced, refined and has a very clean neck. He is three years old and looks like he has been wearing a neck wrap for months. He had 4 foals on the ground this Spring. I am offering him at a price that does not reflect his quality. 




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