[FR LM Idols Troubadour Hawk × Fallen Ash Eagles Maid of Hearts]

Year Foaled 2014
Gender Colt


I have added new photos taken at 6 months old. He has just become nicer as he grows. He measured 29" at 7 months. I am thinking he will mature to about 33". Gatsby sire is a son of the great producing "Billy Idol" and Gatsby's dam "Fallen Ash Eagles Maid of Hearts" is a beautiful World Champion blue roan pinto. She is producing show foals!!

"Gatsby" was foaled out on April 24th, 2014. He is a blue roan colt. Gatsby has a very pretty head and a hooky neck. I believe he will be a tall colt (8" cannons). When I look at Gatsby, I see pretty. He is  a week more than a month old on the photos.



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